Okami Salt Dolce and Guava

Okami Salt Dolce and Guava The Okami Salt Dolce and Guava is a reblend of their infamous standard nicotine e liquid Okami Dolce and Guava. This particular blend is an escape to tropical island and once you take your first puff, you’ll know what that means. Okami Salt Dolce and …

Okami Salt Lychee Lauren

Okami Salt Lychee Lauren is a salt nic remake of their popular Lychee Lauren eliquid flavor. The Okami Salt Lychee Lauren eliquid combines three great flavors into one amazing ejuice. Okami has taken fresh lychees, light black tea and sweet white peaches to create a truly unique and delicious vape.

Okami Salt Sour Menace

Okami Salt Sour Menace is a surprisingly refreshing and flavorful eliquid combining a tart and sour green apple and intricately fusing it with a flavor busting pink bubble gum to create one of the best salt nic ejuices available today. The Okami Salt Sour Menace is a must have flavor for those sour lovers and also, anyone that loves apple or gum flavored vapes.

Okami Berry GoYard

Okami Berry GoYard is an exemplary blend of fresh strawberries, vine ripened mixed berries and smooth and creamy yogurt. This combination of flavors combine to create an otherworldly vape experience unlike any other you have experienced.

Okami Lychee Wintour

Okami Lychee Wintour delightfully fruity and refreshing vape. The Okami Lychee Wintour is a combination of sweet sun ripened peaches and lychee infused tea. To top off this great tasting eJuice, Okami added a light touch of menthol. The three flavors together make for cool, sweet vape that is sure to be liked by many. Even those folks that aren’t a fan of menthol vapes are sure to likes this. I know we did!

Okami Haute Mocha

Okami Haute Mocha is a wake and vape ejuice like no other. To crack open a bottle of this and load your favorite atty with it, then rip on your vape at the crack of dawn will bring you the ultimate in morning vape satisfaction.

Okami Dolce and Guava

If you are a fan of Tropical fruits like sweet pink guava and tropical mangoes, you are going to absolutely love Okami Dolce and Guava. The pairing between these two staple tropical fruits in Okami Dolce and Guava are simply a masterpiece. Okami is a company that certainly cornered the market on uniquely formulated ejuices.

Okami Lychee Lauren

Okami Lychee Lauren is a scrumptious blend of succulent white peach tea and sweet lychee tea. The overall vape experience is reminiscent of a sweet satisfying tea from your local tea/coffee house. The flavor of the Okami Lychee Lauren ejuice is surprisingly refreshing and down right tasty.

Glas Basix Mango Tango

Glas Basix Mango Tango is yet another amazing e liquid from Glas. The Glas Basix Mango Tango takes Mango to new level by mixing in some sweet ripe pineapple along with a touch of Black Currant. These three flavors together make for a truly unique e liquid that satisfies.