About Us

About Us – Hmmmm….. For us it all started with a simple cartomizer and a transition from smoking. However we quickly found out that the cartomizer wouldn’t cut quite cut it. We needed more. From there we graduated to an all in one sub-ohm kit. That was good enough for a while, although we knew there was still more to be had. Then came the our first RTA and the early days of our coil builds. We started building our own coils with drills and clamps in what looked like a scene from a movie where the crazy guy sits in his basement, in what looks like some strange wire-y laboratory. Needless to say that is why we carry the AvidArtisan Daedalus coil building kit.

During this time we ordered many different products from many different companies. We saw one consistent thing through our ventures of ordering products, that was inconsistency. We found some stores sold us cloned products and others took upwards of 2 weeks for our goods to arrive. When it came to replacing a product or filing a customer service request that we often got nowhere. When we did get a resolution it often took a week or more. We’d had enough, and that is when Garden of Eden Vapors started. Pure, clean, professional and courteous.

Fast Forward to Today

We have sold over 12,000 products with 99.9% of our customers happy (we worked really hard for that last .01% but you just can’t make everyone happy).  We are continuing to grow immensely and are expanding our product line weekly. Our customers have shown immense gravity towards our prompt and courteous service. That is why it is our mission to provide best in industry customer service. Back that up with only Authentic products and same day shipping, you are sure to be happy while not have to wait weeks to get your Vape gear.

We Want Your Feedback

Did you have a great experience? Perhaps there is something you think we could improve? We want to hear from you. Our customers are our people and we support you and deeply thank you for all your support in return. If you have some kind of feedback for us we want your input. Please fill out the contact form below with your notes and feedback. Again we thank you for all your support!