About Us

Garden of Eden Vapors was started by me, Jon Peterson and my wife Robin. My wife is quite the health nut, almost borderline obsessive with living longer and healthier. As a result, she was concerned about my smoking habit. She was trying to urge me to quit smoking by suggesting different quit smoking methods. I tried wellbutrin, cold turkey and other methods and nothing worked for me. Nothing except vaping.

Robin and I attended multiple entrepreneurial summits and had planned on opening a business.  She is a long-haul trucker and has plenty of windshield time to think about things.  She is also a heath nut. So naturally she wanted to open a business that helps people get healthier and so did I. Since I was able to use vaping to finally quit smoking, we decided on opening an online vape store. We believe that with less smokers in the world, this means a healthier society and less loss of loved ones.

Robin having the job she does, with the untold minutes behind a windshield, came up with the business name, and a concept for the artwork and logo. I being an Information Technology guy for 27 years, was the person that figured everything else out.

For me, it all started in the early days of vaping when all we had available to us was the dreaded cartomizer. The cartomizer was challenging in its own right and really didn’t satisfy the constant craving for a real full blown cigarette. Back then, a transition from smoking definitely wasn’t without its pitfalls. I quickly found out that the cartomizer wouldn’t quite cut it. I needed more.

In my quest for the holy grail of vape rigs, I graduated to an all in one sub-ohm kit. That was good enough to keep me off the cancer sticks for a while, but I knew there was still more to be had. Then came my first RTA and the early days of my coil builds, learning Ohms Law, wire types, battery technologies, and whatever else I needed to know in order to build and vape safely.

I started building my own coils with drills and clamps, wrapping every style of coil wire I could figure out. Wrapping your own wire can be difficult so once I heard of the Avidartisan Daedalus kit, I had to have one. I believe wrapping wire, at least for me, was also therapeutic in a way. While the Daedalus can be a bit challenging to learn, once you do, there is nothing better than getting your taste buds slammed with a mouthful of flavor from an alien wire you made yourself.

During the last 6 years as a vaping consumer, I have ordered many different products from many different companies. I saw one consistent thing through my ventures of ordering products and that was inconsistency. I found some stores sold me cloned products and others took upwards of two weeks for my vape mail to arrive. One website would deliver on time, and on my next order with the same company, it would take three days to even start tracking.

When it came to replacing a product or needing to reach out to customer service, I often got nowhere but frustrated. When I did get a resolution it often took a week or more. I felt that I needed to open a store that put the customer first, only sold authentic hardware while offering the best price possible and had consistent shipping. Garden of Eden Vapors was born.

Fast Forward to Today

We have sold over 18,000 products with 99.9% of our customers happy (we worked really hard for that last .1% but you just can’t make everyone happy).  We are continuing to grow and are expanding our product line weekly. Our customers have shown immense gravity towards our prompt and courteous service. That is why it is our mission to provide best in industry customer service. Back that up with only Authentic products and same day shipping, you are sure to be happy while not having to wait weeks to get your Vape gear.

We Want Your Feedback

Did you have a great experience? Perhaps there is something you think we could improve? We want to hear from you. Our customers are our people and we support you and deeply thank you for all your support in return. If you have some kind of feedback for us we want your input. Please fill out the contact form below with your notes and feedback. Again we thank you for all your support!