The Newest Pod Mods of 2019

Newest Pod Mods 2019

In terms of the volume of new hardware being released, pod systems unquestionably represent the fastest-growing segment of the vaping industry. Pod vaping is no longer just about the JUUL, and it isn’t about devices like the Suorin Drop, either. New pod systems are coming out at a rapid pace, and the latest devices feature technology completely eclipsing what first-generation devices like the JUUL and the Suorin Drop had to offer. The only problem? New pod mods are coming out so quickly that it’s impossible to keep track of them all! So, have you found it difficult to keep up with the newest pod mods of 2019? We’re here to help. The devices on the newest pod mods list represent the latest and greatest that the world of pod vaping has to offer.

Smoant Pasito

$26.99 – Buy It Now

Smoant Pasito Newest Pod Mods 2019

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: The Smoant Pasito is undoubtedly one of the most attractive pod systems ever released. Good luck choosing which color you want when you buy this device, because each one looks gorgeous. The Pasito has a polymer coating on its side panels that gives the device a lovely glossy finish and prevents fingerprints from appearing on the device. The Smoant Pasito has a replaceable coil system that allows you to switch the device between mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung modes just by replacing the coil, and it has five selectable wattage levels that allow you to customize the volume and warmth of the vapor to suit your preferences. The Pasito even has a rebuildable deck available that makes it possible for you to build your own coils; that’s a first among pod systems.

Justfog Minifit

$14.99 – Buy It Now

Justfog Minifit Latest Pod Systems 2019

The Justfog Minifit is so tiny that it’s easily one of the smallest vaping devices ever made and for this, it made the newest pod mods list. It’s actually even smaller than the USB charging cable included with it, and that creates some interesting possibilities because you probably won’t find another pod system anywhere as discreet as this one. If you’re a new convert to vaping looking for a pod system that’s just as satisfying as the JUUL but allows you to use whatever e-liquid you want, this is the one. It’s also worthwhile to consider the Minifit even if you’re already an experienced vaper; it’s a great alternative to carrying a larger mod when you’re out and about.

Uwell Caliburn

$19.99 – Buy It Now

Uwell Caliburn Latest Pod Devices 2019

The Uwell Crown is one of the most famous tanks in the history of the vaping industry. While other tank manufacturers have always gone for the biggest clouds at any cost, Uwell has chosen a different direction by creating tanks that sacrifice just a bit of vapor production in favor of much richer flavors. People who love their Uwell Crown tanks wouldn’t dream of using anything else, and Uwell has brought that same level of coil technology to the world of pod vaping systems with the new Uwell Caliburn pod mod. The Uwell Caliburn has far greater vapor production than smaller devices such as the JUUL, and it’s far superior on the flavor side as well. The airflow with this device is loose enough that you could even get some restricted direct-to-lung hits out of it.

Oukitel Lark

$17.99 – Buy It Now

Oukitel Lark Newest Pod Vaping Systems 2019

Here’s a first! Oukitel – a company primarily known for making Android smartphones – has entered the vaping industry. When a company wants to enter a new industry and make a big splash, you know that they’re not going to just do things by the book. The Oukitel Lark, therefore, is anything but ordinary and therefore, makes the newest pod mods list. For starters, the Lark actually feels a bit like a luxury phone. When creating this device, Oukitel used a new zircon painting technology to give the Lark a slightly matte metallic finish that feels great in the hand. The really interesting technology, though, is inside the device. The Lark is one of the few low-wattage devices on the market that uses a honeycomb mesh coil for extremely even heating and smooth flavor. They’ve coupled the mesh coil with a ceramic wick that won’t burn. Those technologies combine to make the Oukitel Lark a device that delivers an unbeatable pure vaping experience with a pod that lasts and lasts.

OneVape Lambo 2

$24.99 – Buy It Now

Onevape Lambo 2 Newest Pod Vaping Systems 2019

Making the newest pod mods list is the Lambo II. The smallest pod vaping systems often lack adjustable airflow because their tiny size makes adding airflow collars difficult. The OneVape Lambo 2 solves that problem in an interesting fashion. The pod has two independent airflow channels. One intake channel is at the top of the pod, and the other channel is at the bottom. The two channels converge over the coil in the center of the pod. If you’re not getting the airflow resistance you want, though, you can flick a switch on the bottom of the pod to close one of the airflow channels. The OneVape Lambo 2 is also unique in that it is one of the only pod systems on the market with a pod specifically designed for thicker CBD e-liquids. Use the standard 1.6-ohm pod if you’re vaping nicotine e-liquid, or switch to the 1.0-ohm pod if you’re vaping CBD e-liquid. The 1.0-ohm pod has a ceramic wick that improves the pod’s performance with CBD oil.

Voopoo Drag Nano

$23.99 – Buy It Now

Voopoo Drag Nano Newest Pod Systems 2019

The last pod mod to make the newest pod mods list is the Voopoo Drag Nano. The Voopoo Drag name has become legendary among those who use advanced vaping devices, and Voopoo has brought that famous name to the word of pod mods with the Voopoo Drag Nano. Voopoo’s technology – particularly the GENE chip – is the key to the company’s success, and Voopoo has outfitted the Drag Nano with a small version of its most famous chip. The GENE Pod chip comes equipped with Voopoo’s Cold Boot technology, which automatically gives the atomizer coil a bit of extra wattage when you haven’t used the device in a while. You’ll enjoy instant vapor, even when the coil is completely cold. Another unique feature of the Voopoo Drag Nano is the automatic timer that detects when you’ve removed the pod. After five minutes, a light on the side of the device flashes to let you know that you’ve waited long enough for the pod’s cotton wick to become fully saturated. No more burned coils!

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