Pod System vs. Mod

Pod System vs Mod

At any finer vape shop such as Garden of Eden Vapors, you’ll find a huge assortment of vaping devices ranging from pod systems to high-end mods. Pod systems and mods sometimes look almost the same. Sometimes, they’re even priced similarly. Your vaping experience, however, will differ drastically depending on the type of device you use – so we’re here to provide a bit of buying advice. Having trouble deciding between pod systems vs. mods? Allow us to give you a primer.

Pod Systems vs. Mods

If you want to buy the ideal vaping device for your needs, the first thing you need to understand is what pod systems and mods actually are. We define pod systems and mods as follows:

  • A pod system is a vaping device that stores its e-liquid in a removable plastic pod. The pod usually has a permanent atomizer coil, so when you’re no longer getting the flavor quality you want, you’ll discard the entire pod and begin using a new one. A pod system usually has a single activation button. Some pod systems feature draw-activated firing and have no buttons at all.
  • A mod is a vaping device usually intended for advanced vapers. When a mod includes a tank, it’s usually a large glass tank with a replaceable atomizer coil. Mods usually feature multiple-button control schemes and may allow you to adjust settings such as your vaping wattage and temperature limit.

Pod Systems Are More Portable Than Mods

Pod Vaping vs Mod

Pod systems are usually dramatically smaller than mods. It’s difficult to appreciate the size difference just from looking at pictures. A typical mod may hold multiple batteries. With a tank connected, a mod may be larger than a pack of cigarettes. On the other hand, a pod system may be small enough to wear on a neck lanyard. Some pod systems are so small that you can wrap your entire hand around them.

With a mod, you’ll enjoy greatly increased power and battery life. You’ll also have a device that’ll feel like a brick in your pocket. Pod systems, in comparison, are discreet and fit easily in any pocket or purse.

Pod Systems Cater to the Smoker’s Inhaling Style

When you were a cigarette smoker, you probably didn’t think much about the way you inhaled. Until you own your first mod, then, you might not be aware of the fact that vaping devices aren’t all designed for the same inhaling style. If you want to inhale from the mouth to the lungs – as if you were smoking a cigarette – you should buy a pod system. Most mods, on the other hand, are designed to produce the biggest possible vapor clouds. To produce big clouds, vaping tanks have extremely free airflow and are designed for inhaling directly to the lungs. If you’re new to vaping and want an experience that feels like smoking, you’ll probably have the best experience if you buy a pod system.

Mods Can Produce Enormous Vapor Clouds

Mod vs Pod System

On the other hand, if you’ve been vaping for a while, you may find that your priorities have changed. Maybe you don’t care so much about the cigarette-like throat hit that you craved when you first started vaping. Maybe you’d like to see some bigger clouds and taste some bolder flavors. If any of those statements apply to you, you might be very happy if you buy a mod rather than a pod system. A high-end mod and tank can produce some truly impressive room-filling clouds.

When you use a device that produces enormous clouds, you’ll lower the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. People who own pod systems may use e-liquids with nicotine strengths up to 50 mg. Among those who use high-end mods, on the other hand, the preferred nicotine strength is typically 3 mg. With such a low nicotine strength, throat hit won’t overwhelm your ability to taste your e-liquids. You’ll experience fuller flavors with virtually no throat hit, but you’ll get roughly the same amount of nicotine.

Pod Systems Are Simple and Convenient

When you’re new to vaping, it’s likely you’ll want a device that’s as simple as possible – something that replaces smoking without making you work for it. For that type of experience, you definitely want a pod system. Nothing could possibly be simpler than dropping in a pod and puffing away. If something isn’t working as it should, there are only two possible reasons. Either you need to replace the pod, or you need to recharge the battery. Since you can get instant feedback just by looking at the pod’s window, there’s never any guessing. Pod systems don’t force you to fiddle with your settings or troubleshoot cryptic error messages. They just work, and that’s critically important when you’ve just given up smoking.

Mods May Have Lower Long-Term Ownership Costs

If pod systems have any major drawback, it’s the fact that the very thing making them so convenient to use – the self-contained pod with a built-in atomizer coil – is also somewhat expensive to replace. When you buy a new pod for a pod system, you’re paying for the plastic enclosure as well as the atomizer coil. When you use a mod, on the other hand, the tank isn’t disposable. When the flavor quality isn’t what it used to be, you can simply replace the atomizer coil and get back to vaping. An entire box of atomizer coils sells for about the same price as just one or two empty pods. For that reason, a mod may have a lower long-term cost than a pod system.

Before you write pod systems off as being too expensive, though, consider these other factors affecting your cost to vape.

  • Pod systems typically have built-in batteries, while mods often have removable batteries. When a built-in battery stops holding a charge, the only remedy is typically to replace the entire device.
  • The more powerful a mod and tank are, the more e-liquid that hardware will consume. A mod might go through e-liquid far more quickly than a pod system, thus inflating your costs.
  • Sweetened e-liquids decrease coil life – and the more e-liquid you use, the more quickly your coils will die if you’re using an e-liquid with sucralose. Replacement coils for a mod may cost less than replacement pods, but your coils will not last long if you’re using a sweetened e-liquid.

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