QP Designs Fatality M25 RTA

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NOTE: This product receives FREE 1-3 Day rush shipping. This product is not eligible for any discounts or promotional offers. I know you read tank descriptions and see the same old generic statements saying how awesome the tank is but for real, the QP Designs Fatality M25 RTA is by far one of the best RTA tanks of 2019-20. It will be seen on many top ten lists for RTA’s in the end of 2019 and is already seen as a front runner in the RTA vape world. Read all the juicy details below.

We do have limited stock of the Fatal Mod… worth checking out. 🙂

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QP Designs Fatality M25 RTA

I know you read tank descriptions and see the same old generic statements saying how awesome the tank is but for real, the QP Designs Fatality M25 RTA is by far one of the best RTA tanks of 2019. It will be seen on many top ten lists for RTA’s in the end of 2019 and is already seen as a front runner in the RTA vape world.

There are plenty of online stores selling clones of this tank and please do not sell yourself short, buy the authentic original of this tank, I promise you won’t regret it but you probably will regret a cloned version of this. Clones are just inferior products but to add to that, cloned products can also be dangerous. We take our customers safety very seriously which why we only sell authentic gear and only sell insured batteries like the HohmTech line of “made for vaping” batteries.

In looking over many reviews of this tank across the internet, we have seen so many 5 star reviews on this product it is insane. Everybody that has bought this tank, loves The QP Designs Fatality M25 tank which is why we decided to add it to our product lineup. It just makes sense to offer the best in RTA’s to our customers. So if you are a lover of RTA’s this one is a definite must have tank for 2019.

As seen across all of the QP Designs products, they have stood out from the others as not just another vape manufacturer but a vape manufacturer that prides itself in making quality gear without the huge price tag ($125-$175 for a tank) that the other high-end vape manufacturers charge. In comparison, QP quality is the same or better than some of the other high-end gear we have evaluated.

Now the technical elevator pitch. The QP Designs Fatality M25 RTA is a 25mm with huge array of coil loading options and positioning. The innovation that went into the design of this RTA is unmatched in the vape industry. The dual airflow control rings is the most noticeable feature of this bad boy.

The dual airflow control ring on the QP Designs Fatality M25 lets you adjust the airflow for the side hitting air channels and separately control the bottom side air flow as well. This has not been seen on any tank design to date. A truly remarkable feat considering this gives the user ultimate control over where the air hits their coil and can be tweaked on a build by build basis.

The postless styled build deck makes for easy building and wicking. The QP Designs Fatality M25 is very forgiving tank in realm of easy builds making this an RTA suitable for newbies and seasoned veterans alike. The overall flavor on this tank is by far the best we have experienced in an RTA and we have tested a ton of tanks. Along with the robust flavor, the vapor production is also some of the best we have seen in any RTA tank thus far.

With that said, is easy to see that the QP Designs Fatality M25 RTA is a must have tank for 2019.

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QP Designs Fatality M25 RTA Specifications:

  • 25mm Diameter
  • 810 Drip Tip Compatible
  • Airflow Stopper
  • Threaded Deck
  • Ultem Airflow Insert
    • Reduces Airflow
    • Increases Flavor
    • Reduces Condensation Build Up
    • Warmer and Dense Vape
  • Clip Top Cap for Top Filling (No thread)
  • Side Terminal Postless Deck (Dual coil or single)
  • Multi Coil Configuration
  • Replace Cotton or Coils without Emptying eJuice
  • Twist to close juice ports on filling for no leaking
  • Fast and easy cotton or coil replacement
  • Adjustable quad airflow
  • Unique airflow Adjustment
    • (Top airflow ring controls side angled airflow)
    • (Bottom airflow ring controls center airflow)

QP Designs Fatality M25 RTA Contents:

  • Clear 810 Drip Tip
  • 2ml Insert for TPD
  • 4ml Glass Tank
  • 5.5ml Glass Tank
  • Accessory Bag
  • Flat Head Screws
  • Black O-rings
  • Serial number/Authentication Card
  • Ultem Insert
    • (When building remove the insert or don’t pre heat the coils too much as you can melt or damage the insert.)


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  • Make sure you understand the manufacturer’s manual for use and care of your device. Please contact the manufacturer if your vape did not come with instructions.
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Additional information

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Black, Gold, Gunmetal, Matte Black, Rainbow, Stainless Steel

10 reviews for QP Designs Fatality M25 RTA

  1. Christopher H. (verified owner)

    Awesome rta and very fast delivery.

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  2. Alan Smith (verified owner)

    product was great Shipping time was fantastic will be back

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  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Product was missing the authenticity card.

    Reply by Garden of Eden Vapors Manager – We did reach out to QP Design regarding the missing authenticity card. They have sent us a card for the Fatality RTA and we will be sending it out to you tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

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  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Simply the best!

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  5. Matti (verified owner)

    This tank is awesome! The shipping was fast. The dual airflow is so peculiar that in certain settings, it feels like you’re using a different tank. It’s super smooth, and the quality shows. I typically buy 2 or 3 tanks or RDAs with the hope of getting something good. With this design, it’s definitely worth it. I’m going to try Juggernaut mini RTA next.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  6. Mat Hutson (verified owner)

    Great rta and great service from eden

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  7. Charles B. (verified owner)

    Fast Shipping and Exactly What I Ordered!

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  8. James Franklin (verified owner)

    Throw that leaky RTA away and treat yourself to a real atomizer. This thing brought my passion for vaping back from the dead.

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  9. Joseph S. (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping. Will order again from them.

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  10. Michael S. (verified owner)

    This is one of the best tanks that I have ever used. It’s a very well made tank that is easy to build and wick. The flavor is very good it’s well worth the price. The service from garden of eden was top notch as usual.

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