Vape Pod Systems 2020

Pod systems have made leaps and bounds over the years since their inception in and around 2003 so for this year, we have decided to write this article Vape Pod Systems 2020 highlighting some of our favorites so far this year. Below we will highlight a number of pod systems, their pros and cons and highlight some improvements we have seen in comparison to previous systems we have used.

The biggest improvement we have noticed so far in many of the 2020 pod systems we have had the chance to try so far this year is the lack of leaking. Most of the newer devices we have tried all have amazing flavor, some better than others but all are really good.

For starters, we would like to highlight the systems that had the least amount of leakage. For all of us that use pod systems, leaking is always a concern and a source of elevated frustrations for many. Let’s delve into these systems and take a look at some of the best pod systems of 2020.

Geekvape Aegis Boost

The Geekvape Aegis Boost is probably one of our favorites so far this year. A truly solid performer in the realm of performance and dependability. The flavor performance on the Aegis Boost is jam packed full of flavor and with the Boost, you can actually taste the ejuice as it was intended to be tasted. In our testing, the Aegis Boost only had a small amount of condensation but the leaking was non existent.

Geekvape Aegis Boost Kit Main

The Geekvape Aegis Boost is definitely a great device that allows the user to adjust airflow and has a huge 3.7ml capacity. If you are a salt nic user, Geekvape has the 0.6ohm Mesh coil which when run at a comfortable 25W, has been reported to last for up to 1500-2000 puffs depending on the eliquid used.

If you are a standard eliquid user, Geekvape has the 0.4ohm coil that also has been reported to last way longer when compared to other pod mod style systems on the market today. At a price point that won’t break the bank, The Aegis Boost is a solid choice for the new user and veteran user alike.

Vaporesso Zero

Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod Kit

The Vaporesso Zero is a recent addition to the vape market and is a great overall pod system. A solid performer in the realm of flavor, pod life and battery life. While being ultra portable the Zero has a hard and durable casing and finish.

The Vaporesso Zero in our testing, had very minimal leakage and for the price of less than $20 you really can’t go wrong.

The replacement pods for the Zero are on the affordable end of pods so maintaining this device will be easier on the wallet.

Vandyvape Kylin M AIO

Vandyvape Kylin M AIO Polar Phantom

Next up on the Vape Pod Systems 2020 article is the Kylin M AIO by Vandyvape has really hit the nail on the head with this extremely versatile and beautifully designed pod system kit.

This beauty is designed to be somewhat like a Billet Box. If you are not sure what a Billet Box is, not to worry. A Billet Box is a vape box where all of the wattage controls, pod and batteries are all contained behind one side plate. It provide a very clean looking and elegant vape device design. The Kylin M AIO is definitely a show stopper when it comes to flavor, looks and performance.

The user of the Kylin M AIO has a multitude of options when it comes to coils and pods. There are standard and salt nic coil options and an additional DIY Pod option to load your own coil and cotton saving hundreds of dollars on coils over a short time.

This device is a little on the expensive side but it’s worth it. The quality, flavor and options that save money make up for it. Grab this one if you are a fan of nice looking devices that are unique, dependable and leak free.

Freemax Maxpod 11w Pod Kit

Freemax Maxpod 11W Pod Kit Main

Freemax is well known in the vape industry for their line of sub-ohm tanks. This year, Freemax released their first pod system, the Freemax Maxpod System and really hit it out of the park with this one.

The biggest improvement in this one is the constant voltage. Meaning the Maxpod puts out the same voltage even when the battery is running low. If the Maxpod can’t deliver a quality hit, it doesn’t. Time for a charge.

The size, battery life, looks and flavor/vapor production are all things that make this a solid contender this year for ultra compact vapes. The Freemax Maxpod in our testing did not leak a drop. Pretty impressive considering these type of designs almost always at least seep a little but even after changing coils on the Maxpod, no leaks.

No mess, no fuss, very small and compact unit, great flavor with an air draw comparable to the Uwell Caliburn, the Freemax Maxpod is certainly one that makes the cut for 2020.

Vaporesso Degree Pod System

Vaporesso Degree 30w Pod System Main

Final entry for the Vape Pod Systems 2020 lineup is the Vaporesso Degree 30w Pod System. This one actually was released late 2019 but is still going strong today in popularity due to it’s sheer amazing flavor, long lasting battery and innovation.

Best feature improvement for 2020, low e-juice warning. The low ejuice warning on the Degree System can be customized to issue warnings based on the juice you level that you set. No more prematurely fried pods or dry cotton hits! In our testing, this unit was a solid performer and had no leaking.

The only issue we found was using the easy push top fill. If you squeeze too much ejuice, it’ll seep on the inside where the pod is located. After the first couple fills you get the hang of it and then no more mess. The pods themselves are an amazing flavor producer, easy on the ejuice and seem to last a long time. We actually have these units for a very affordable $26.99 (currently.) Limited quantities.

Well this concludes the August 2020 Vape Pod Systems 2020 rundown of systems we deemed worthy of stocking after testing many units. We hope the Vape Pod Systems 2020 article has been helpful. Please reach out to us either through our Facebook page or through our contact us page and we’ll help with any questions you may have.