When I first heard of salt nic of course the immediate thought that hit me was “What is Salt Nic eJuice?” We get the question a lot here at Garden of Eden Vapors so I thought I’d type up this article and attempt to shed some light on this without getting too technical. So here goes…

what is salt nic ejuice

Salt Nicotine is a newer refined nicotine made to lessen the harsh throat hit when bringing up the overall nicotine strength of a bottle of eJuice. The standard liquid nicotine used in lower nic juices (3-6-12mg) is way too harsh at high levels due to it’s higher pH levels. This would create such a highly impactful throat burn and chest pain that it made vaping stronger level nic content eJuice next to impossible. Enter… Salt Nic.

Salt Nic is basically the same as regular/freebase nicotine but during the refinement process they use added benzoic acid to reduce the harsh pH levels of the nicotine.

Should I vape Salt Nic?

While we can attempt to answer the question What is Salt Nic ejuice, we can’t really answer that for you. We can provide the details regarding salt nic and then you can decide if it’s right for you. Also check out the “Pros and Cons” section at the bottom of this article.

What is Salt Nic eJuice ? 1

If you have already tried vaping and it just didn’t satisfy you like a real cigarette, chances are it was because you tried the conventional regular (aka freebase) nicotine eJuice at too low of a nicotine level. For many smokers, myself included, it just wasn’t enough.

When I first started vaping 7 or so years ago, I tried the 24mg freebase juice at the time. The experience was nothing I would wish on anyone. The pain and agony I felt in my throat and chest was horrible. I thought, “dang… who the heck can handle this?” It made me drop the nic levels in my vape which, in turn made me vape more to get the nicotine supply my blood brain barrier was craving.

For the 3-6mg level ejuices, Freebase Nicotine is used in smaller amounts in the eJuice to prevent the harsh throat as mentioned above. In turn, lesser amounts of nicotine result in less craving reduction and less chance of keeping off of cigarettes.

Salt Nic behaves more like the nicotine in a real cigarette. Salt Nic absorbs into your bloodstream faster than regular/freebase nicotine which is why we suggest, for current smokers wanting to quit and try vaping, to start with Salt Nic.

How Strong of Salt Nic?

The level of mg nicotine content really depends on how much you currently smoke. If you are a pack a day or more smoker, start with 40mg or 50mg. The 1/2 pack a day’ers, best go with 25-30mg nic salt ejuice. Worst case scenario, you polish off the weaker juice a little faster then, go bigger next bottle. It’s always better to go low at first because the idea is to tame down the addiction to nicotine. I you go high at first and you don’t really need it, you are expanding on your addiction not decreasing it.

Equally important to point out about Salt Nic is that it is solely meant to be vaped in the smaller pen style and pod style devices. The reason being is that these smaller devices run with much less wattage/power and the actual atomizer that evaporates the eJuice into vapor runs at much cooler temperatures.

Basically, if you were to put salt nic into a large box mod/tank combo kit with super high wattage, and inhale huge clouds, the amount of nicotine getting into your system would definitely make you “nic sick.” Probably end up ralphing your guts out.

Please reach out to us or comment below if you have any additional questions regarding the usage of Salt Nic. We love to help! It’s why we do this.

What is Salt Nic eJuice Pros and Cons

Pros of using Salt Nic:

  • Higher satisfaction. Increased smoking abstinence odds.
  • Much smoother nicotine. Able to be used at higher concentrations.
  • More Affordable. Using a pod or pen system is considerably cheaper than buying a Mod and Tank.
  • Less time invested in vaping. If you go the route of a tank and mod, there is an amount of maintenance needed to upkeep the system. Not to mention the learning curve of mods.

Cons of using Salt Nic:

  • Too Much Nic. It is true that heavy smokers can benefit from using Salt Nic. Lighter smokers may find Salt Nic a little to heavy on the nic.
  • Less Fun. While choosing mods, tanks and doing matchy matches with components is fun, using a pod or pen system is just boring.
  • Less Options. Because salt nic is for lower wattage devices, you are stuck using a pod or pen system to use Salt Nic.

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