What is with this Flavor Ban? Vaping Crackdown?

Anyone who vapes is probably gravely concerned regarding the future of vaping and rightfully so. We have seen on the news in recent weeks people dying from “vaping” but many media outlets are failing to mention that black market THC cartridges were the cause of the deaths. Being honest with the public has never been a strong suit for many media outlets but something like this just smells of conspiracy.

Conspiracy on the “smear campaign” level making “vaping” the feared option over conventional, more harmful cigarettes. A smear campaign on vaping of this size and magnitude really concerns us. Not only for the future of my own investments but thousands of vape shop owners across the country, employees and most of all, current vapers or potential quit smoking folks that buy into the “dishonest fear propaganda” and are thinking about going back to cigarettes or not starting vaping. It’s a downright shame.

Placing tinfoil hat on head now… Then we find out that big tobacco just donated millions of dollars to NY Governor Cuomo’s reelection campaign which could explain the recent ban in NY. Hmmmnnn… In addition to the donations to many politicians, big tobacco reached a settlement with individual states for the tobacco companies to make large payments to the states for public health related costs. This is known as the MSA (Master Settlement Agreement.) This too can/does play a large part in the push toward anti-vaping we see today. The more smokers they have in each state, the more money those state get from the 4 big tobacco companies.

With Governor Cuomo of NY passing a 90 day ban and President Trump planning a nationwide flavor ban, we have much to worry about. Vaping is being unjustly targeted by people bigger and more powerful than us, we feel hopeless as if there is nothing we can do.

Most of us were former smokers and we like vaping because it got us off cigarettes and we enjoy the flavors, and now the overwhelming feeling of despair comes over many of us. I know I personally tried tobacco flavored eliquid when I first started vaping 6 years ago and hated it. It tasted like I licked the bottom of a dirty ashtray.What is with this Flavor Ban? Vaping Crackdown? 1

Fortunately, I started DIY a few years ago and now and again I try commercial eliquid but for the most part, I make my own. But not everyone is able to or wants to make their own eliquid. So then what? We fight. We fight online, sign petitions, call local and federal government offices, arrange protests, whatever we can to attempt to make a difference and take back our right to choose.

We will be faced with many health hurdles ahead with black market eliquid being sold and traded underground by seedy operations. This is where the real danger comes in. These politicians really have no clue what they are doing by removing our freedom to choose what we want to put in our bodies. I say if they are going to ban vape juice then why not cigarettes?

Well I think we already know the answer to that. Money. Money over the value of human life is a frustrating and sad concept to grasp but yet here we are. It’s no wonder, I have done a lot of research into the history of cigarettes and tobacco and the big tobacco companies are some of the most dishonest and morally bankrupt group of individuals you will ever learn about.

If the real concern is keeping kids safe and not smoking anything, that’s a tall order. I grew up in the 80’s. Back then everyone smoked. Well maybe not everyone but it sure seemed like it. If we would have had vaping back then, maybe we would have a lot healthier middle aged people today.

I have four teenage daughters. If anyone of them wants to vape I will definitely be on them about it and encourage them not to do it. Vaping is for current smokers wanting to quit. Not to pickup and start a habit for the sake of fitting in or being cool. Even though that’s the reason I started smoking in the early 80’s. If I could go back in time, I would have never started as I know many of us adult smokers/vapers feel.

I have provided some information below that will help to fight back on the governmental and media attacks on our livelihoods. Please be polite and respectful, acting out in any negative light only sheds more negativity on our industry and community. Bad public policies implemented without input from lawmakers and the public should never be ignored.


What is with this Flavor Ban? >>>> Light up the White House Switchboard!


On your call:

    • The operator will likely ask where they can direct your call
    • Simply tell them that flavored vapor products are extending your life; and,
    • tell them “We Vape, We Vote. Thank you.”


  • Be polite, be brief, and say thank you.


What is with this Flavor Ban? >>>> Write the White House! and Sign the Petition


What is with this Flavor Ban? >>>> Contact your Local State Governor’s Office


More Info and Ammo for the Anti-Vape Person in Your Life:


Additional Petitions and Actions you can take to fight the fight!

We will continue to edit and add more information to this post as we learn more.








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